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Brother Industries LTD. Japan is a multinational company with sales in over 100 countries, operations in over 30 countries, with state-of-the art ISO 14001, 14002 and ISO9001 certified factories in Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Malaysia, and the UK.
The company’s three core businesses, Printing solutions, Communication and Fashion are driven by creativity and development. The Business Machine product mix includes printing solutions, facsimiles and labeling solutions. Being a leader in developing and manufacturing technologies in the printing, communication and digital imaging industries, Brother Products support homes, SOHO operations and enterprises alike.
At Your Side…Brother strives to enhance customer experience with their products! Their goal is to generate customers for life by working hard to bring fresh ideas to life with user-friendly & innovative products.

Brother & The Environment:

The Brother Group is committed to acting as a corporate citizen in collaboration with business partners, citizens and local communities, and every employee in carrying out environmental conservation activities on a global scale, accordingly the company established the Brother Group Global Charter that served as the foundation of Brother’s entire global activities.
Under the Basic Policies set forth in the charter, the Brother Group effectively utilizes its successful growth partly to protect the global environment, thereby contributing to the Group’s development. The policy aims to build eco-consciousness into all processes, from development and design, procurement of materials and parts, production, to logistics and sales, utilization by customers, and collection and recycling of used products and consumables.

Brother & Corporate Social Responsibility:

Brother is committed to becoming a company, which is trusted by all stakeholders particularly placing the customer first, which leads to a strong sense of pride among employees. The Brother Group facilities carry out various social contribution activities in different countries and regions in accordance with the concept of the Brother Group Global Charter:
“The Brother Group must always be a good corporate citizen, sharing our social, economic and cultural resources in all the communities where the Brother Group operates.”
In March 2007, the Basic Policy of the Brother Group’s Social Contribution Activities was introduced to continually promote social contribution activities around the world, with their effectiveness clearly defined.
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