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Endpoints Management And Security

Today’s rapidly changing IT network is more distributed and virtual than ever — the majority of data is stored on remote endpoint platforms, such as laptops and mobile PDAs, and accessed through public WiFi networks connected to an organization’s IT network via the Internet. Mounting budget pressures are forcing companies to look increasingly at virtual and cloud-based computing alternatives. In addition, traditional point-based technologies and solutions have increased the complexity and cost to organizations, due to the management of many different consoles across multiple products.

Through adopting right technologies to manage endpoints and secure their access to local resources effectively, GCE offers comprehensive security and management solutions for all endpoints to help its customers to have greater control and visibility with an end-to-end approach that includes capabilities to meet endpoint operations, security, compliance and IT risk management needs.

Software Distribution And OS Deployment

With the frequent appearance of new security threats and the changing nature of today’s technology, IT departments struggle to keep up with the constant flow of patches, security fixes, operating system upgrades and application updates. Yet providing relevant, timely updates to network devices is necessary to maintain operational efficiency, reduce vulnerabilities and help ensure stability of the network infrastructure. The Update Management utility in SCCM simplifies the complex task of delivering and managing updates to IT systems across the enterprise. IT administrators can deliver updates of Microsoft products, third-party applications, custom in-house line-of-business applications, hardware drivers, and system BIOS to a variety of devices—including desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices. Also, it simplifies the complex task of distributing applications and updates to desktops, servers, laptops, and mobile devices across enterprise networks.

SCCM feature of Operating System Deployment is a highly flexible, automated solution that allows IT administrators to fully deploy and configure servers and desktops from any previous state, including bare-metal deployments.

Securing Your Virtualization And Cloud Computing

Deploying an enterprise virtualization and private or public cloud computing environment calls for a strategy to ensure a secure move into this complex and dynamic enterprise model. Unfortunately, legacy enterprise security solutions for a physical data center impede adoption of these technologies because they are not virtualization or cloud-aware.

In contrast, next-generation solutions specifically designed to secure this virtualized enterprise environment can decrease risk, increase performance, simplify management, and ultimately future-proof data center security. To this arena, Trend Micro delivers proven leadership in safeguarding data, forward-thinking technology such as the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, and innovative solutions that ensure business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Conventional perimeter defenses cannot address the potential security gaps and operational challenges associated with virtual servers, virtual desktops, and private and public clouds. Trend Micro solutions are custom engineered for all facets of this specialized environment, and deliver multiple benefits:

  • Superior security across more enterprise platforms
  • Reduced cost and complexity of security management
  • Support for compliance requirements
  • Ensured extensibility to future investments in enterprise virtualization and the cloud

Data Encryption

We are partnered with top security vendors to provide advanced encryption for e-mail, desktops, laptops, and removable storage devices. It offers scalable, enterprise-wide security that prevents unauthorized access by using strong access control and powerful encryption. A central management console is implemented to enable safe, central deployment and management of encryption to endpoints.

  • Protects and prevents your information from accidental data loss and assures protection for desktops and laptops against unauthorized access
  • Meets government directives and regulations and offers full audit trail
  • Provides scalable, centralized management for easy deployment and administration
  • Offers boot protection, pre-boot authentication, and pre-boot event logging and supports Single Sign-On (SSO) to avoid the need to remember and enter multiple passwords
  • Enforce Compliance — Ensure privacy with automated, policy-based encryption
  • Easiest Key Creation — Only a recipient’s email address needed
  • Hosted Key Service — Lowers TCO by reducing complexity and deployment time
  • 24x7 Key Recovery — Password and key recovery support helps ensure access to email
  • Zero Download Reader — A free, web-based reader for sharing encrypted email with anyone

Regulatory Compliance

Security compliance is costly, complex, ever-changing—and still not enough to protect your company data and reputation. With our leading solutions simplify and strengthen your compliance efforts by addressing a broad range of controls, solving tough compliance challenges, and delivering maximum protection at minimal cost.

Information security and privacy regulations are largely based on well-established security technology and best practices. We offer robust, cost-effective solutions to these core controls, allowing you to secure once to build a strong foundation for compliance with the range of regulations that apply to your organization. We provide enterprise security and comprehensive services that addresses a full range of compliance controls.

•  Vulnerability Management
•  Patch Management
•  IT Policy Compliance
•  Intrusion/Incident Response
•  Sensitive Data Protection
•  Firewall; IDS/IPS
•  Antivirus/Anti-malware
•  Anti-spam and phishing
•  Logging & Reporting
•  Data Encryption

Desktop Virtualization

Citrix XenDesktop transforms Windows desktops into an on-demand service that can be accessed by any user, on any device, anywhere, with unparalleled simplicity and scalability. Whether workers are using the latest tablets, smartphones, laptops or thin clients, XenDesktop can quickly and securely deliver virtual desktops and applications to them with a high-definition user experience.

XenDesktop provides a more flexible, people-centric computing experience for users while helping your organization address key business priorities. Easy access to complete virtualized desktops, applications and data from any location, using any device enables more productive and mobile virtual work styles and inspires innovation throughout the business. Fast, flexible desktop delivery helps IT adapt quickly to business changes and supports work shifting, branch expansion, M&A and other initiatives. Centralized desktop management, delivery and control let you re-think your entire approach to desktop computing to enable new levels of mobility, security and cost reduction.

Going far beyond the limitations of VDI-only solutions, Citrix FlexCast delivery technology gives each type of worker in your enterprise the virtual desktop that is right for them—hosted or local, online or offline, standardized or personalized—through a single solution. Members of your workforce can access any Windows, web or SaaS application on demand through a single interface. Simple, self-service provisioning reduces desktop management costs and complexity.

Built on an open, scalable, proven architecture, XenDesktop gives you the simplicity, flexibility and scalability to meet any requirement, while fully leveraging current and future investments.

Vulnerability Management And Assessment

We help our customers to automate the life cycle of network auditing and vulnerability management across the enterprise, including network discovery and mapping, asset prioritization, vulnerability assessment reporting and remediation tracking according to business risk. It enables small to large organizations to effectively manage their vulnerabilities and maintain control over their network security with centralized reports, verified remedies, and full remediation.

  • Discover Your Network Environment
  • Manage Your Network Assets
  • Identify Network Security Vulnerabilities
  • Analyze Threats with Powerful Reporting
  • Manage and Eliminate Your Network Vulnerabilities

Endpoints Total Protection And Security

Our leading vendors technologies combines AntiVirus with advanced threat prevention to deliver unmatched defense against malware for laptops, desktops and servers. It seamlessly integrates essential security technologies in a single agent and management console, increasing protection and helping lower total cost of ownership. Secure any endpoint – physical or virtual – with the industry’s strongest, most reliable protection, while reducing the impact on your endpoint resources. Ground-breaking new virtualization awareness delivers the latest endpoint solutions along with peace of mind and innovative resource-saving technology to help you defend against zero day threats with optional virtual patching.

  • Lower infection rates by 62% and management costs by 40%
  • Free up resources to improve application performance
  • Detect and block more threats – as proven in real-world tests
  • Break the infection chain by blocking access to malicious files and websites
  • Reduce IT management workload through File Reputation and Windows integrations
  • Supports a full spectrum of platforms including Mac and Mobile devices

Security Information And Event Management

Our solution enables a documented, repeatable process for security threat response and IT policy compliance via integrated log management and incident response solutions. Symantec Security Information and Event Manager is designed to deliver proactive security protection, helping organizations demonstrate compliance and reduce overall security risk.

  • Supports virtual environment deployments
  • Custom log management/universal collectors
  • Over 150 out of box compliance reporting templates
  • Multi-conditional correlation rules
  • Increase scope of security data included in intelligence gathering
  • Automate collection, analysis and delivery of compliance evidence
  • Significantly improves detection of multi-layered attacks
  • Reduce administration of rules maintenance and can reduce number of rules needed
  • Increases detection of multidimensional user access activities

Intelligent Assets Inventory And Monitoring

Such system should translate inventory data into information, providing rich reports that help you optimize software and hardware usage and includes a “live” connection to dynamically update your knowledge based on changing asset conditions. SCCM gives organizations better control over their IT infrastructure and assets through asset intelligence technologies that provide IT administrators continuous visibility into what hardware and software assets they have, who is using them, and where they are.

By providing a comprehensive view of the IT assets in an enterprise, System Center Configuration Manager helps maximize the investment in hardware and software while controlling costs, improving manageability of the IT asset life cycle and ensuring software license compliance.

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