25 Years of knowing how:
Founded in 1985, General Computers & Electronics (GCE) is a leading IT company; it started in the Jordanian local market as the first IBM Partner. Since then, GCE has expanded to include over 28 high-tech global brands that provide cutting edge IT hardware, software, network & GIS solutions. GCE also provides services to various sectors such as the government, banking and industrial sectors, universities and educational institutions, health and corporate sectors.
Over 25 years of success,, GCE Group has grown to accommodate over 160 qualified employees. GCE chose the challenge and thus entered the IT industry with steadiness and solidarity depending on its well-exploited resources and highly qualified team. Aiming to serve the local market, our group offers wide range of services and solutions to exceed to the demands of our clients and customers.
Our company has a strong obligation to empower the local community and to be a significant part of it. At GCE, we believe in the importance of technology in today’s world of business and knowledge. We believe that empowering people with technologies enables them to explore the world through the unlimited options and the numerous windows they open to knowledge and information.
Our Team - Our Pride:
As an organization that looks forward to expand its business to become the first provider for Software and Hardware IT Solutions, and due to our strong belief in the local human resources, GCE depends on its employees as a source for a continued progress and expansion.

With over 160 employees, GCE is well- positioned to empower its staff with a great experience by creating a superior work environment that encourages creativity and innovation. GCE Group strives to ensure a high quality of work which, from GCE Group’s perspective, cannot be achieved without functioning as a team. The group operates with more than 160 talented, professional and devoted local youth who fulfill the needs of 8 departments that specialize in IT, engineering, business administration, marketing and many other dynamic specialties. Our staff is selected carefully to be part of GCE Group's team as engineers, marketing officers, trainers, IT experts, computer programmers and technicians to lead the company to be a widely-recognized institution in the Arab World for its superiority and ability to provide on-demand solutions.
GCE is all about the following values:
- Reliability, quality, and excellence in the products/ services we deliver.
- Integration and innovation in the solutions we offer.
- Specialization and trustworthiness in the team we hire.
- Deep roots and reputation in the companies with whom we partner.

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